Thursday, September 22, 2016

A night with no power

The day was finally coming to an end. The bright, vibrant colors that were present throughout the afternoon were transforming into a dull gray as the sun set. Baker was walking home, dejected as he was going home yet again without a job. After spending the past few days in the town looking for a job and still not having had an offer, his hopes were turning into despair. Walking through the park, looking at all of the people out and about, he couldn't help but feel bitter towards them all, as they had the luxury to spend their free time as it is called: free.

Looking up with heavy eyes, he saw his apartment building looming in the distance. It wasn't the greatest place to live, but in this rundown town, it certainly wasn't the worst. His gait lessened when he heard a loud pop from somewhere unseen down the street. That's unusual, he thought, even for this area. Upon coming to the intersection outside of his building and City hall, he could see a truck for the electric company working on what looked like a blown out transformer. Realizing that this meant he wouldn't have power, Baker shrugged and stepped into his building, unprepared for the commotion inside. 

People were running around the lobby in a frenzy, while the clerk, Ellen Davis, worked to calm the residents and direct them to the flashlights and bottled water in the corner of the entrance. Not wanting to get caught up in the ever-growing mess, Baker saw a flashlight strewn on the floor near the elevators, so he grabbed it and headed up the stairwell. Luckily, his apartment was on the second floor, so he didn't have to lug himself all the way up the building with only a flashlight to guide him. Opening his door, he shined his light across his cheaply furnished apartment to the clock, which read 7:35 pm. Well, since I had no luck today, I should get ready to do the same thing tomorrow. Throwing his resume on his desk, Baker prepared to wake up and repeat his whole day one more time, indifferent to the situation unfolding around him.