Monday, October 17, 2016

This is Home?

Looking around at the new accommodations in his living room, Baker was finally beginning to feel welcomed in his own apartment. A tall lamp rested in the corner of the living room, shining light over a newly purchased ikea couch. The rest of the apartment was filled with cheap, but surprisingly nice looking furniture purchased form the pawn shop and ordered from online bargain sites.

After looking for a job for weeks, Baker finally got his chance at empire offices'. It was a basic desk job, but it was better than nothing, and it definitely afforded Baker luxuries that weren't at all possible before. His new couch was a prime example of his hard work, the upgrade from the almost rotting piece of fabric he had before astonishing to him. It was perfect timing too, as he had read that the Magazine Southern Living was coming to The Victorian. Baker shook with excitement. He couldn't wait to show off what his hard work had accomplish and was beginning to evolve into, and this was a prime opportunity to share his story.

Outside his apartment, he could hear many footsteps and voices moving rapidly through the building. That has to be them he thought to himself. Stepping out of his kitchen, he slowing walked toward the door, preparing himself for the inevitable knock that would soon come. Suddenly, he heard a woman yelling, followed by a loud bang.

"What the hell was that?"
"She has a gun!"
"If you've got a reporter in there, send it home!"

Baker could barely comprehend all the screaming before it was once again silent, all of the footsteps he heard gone with their frantic owners. There will always be another time. he thought to himself as he returned once again to his brand new couch.